The combination of machine vision and video surveillance has opened up a new era of wisdom in the security industry!

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The combination of machine vision and video surveillance has opened up a new era of wisdom in the security industry!

2018/09/06 15:30

Computer vision is an important branch of artificial intelligence. With the rapid iteration and evolution of deep learning and artificial intelligence, computer vision has created more application scenarios. Combined with video surveillance, the security industry has opened up a new era of wisdom.



The rise of the domestic machine vision industry


The machine vision concept was officially proposed in the 1960s. In the 1980s and 1990s, machine vision was in its booming period after more than two decades of technical iteration and optimization. At the same time, the Chinese machine vision industry began to really start. After the 21st century, machine vision technology has gradually matured, and machine vision products have been widely used in downstream industries. The Chinese machine vision industry has benefited from this and has become the third largest application market after the United States and Japan. Constantly accelerating, the relevant industry chain is also getting better and better. In the future, with the development of China's industry strategy, the market share of the machine vision industry will gradually increase, and the market competitiveness will gradually increase. According to the forward-looking industrial research institute "China Machine Vision Industry Development Prospects and Investment Analysis Report" data, in 2015, the global machine vision system and components market has reached 4.2 billion US dollars. It is expected that the market size will exceed 5 billion US dollars in 2018, global machine vision The industry is growing rapidly.


Along with the development of machine vision technology, the security industry has also ushered in a new era of intelligence and informationization. Security is one of the main battlefields for machine vision applications, target recognition, target tracking, video summary for post-mortem applications, video retrieval, etc. The application of machine vision core technology has brought tremendous changes to the security industry: biometrics, vehicle identification and other technologies have been accelerating, and the market mechanism has become more mature.


Machine vision is widely used


Since machine vision mainly recognizes images, it is widely used in the field of monitoring and recognition. Taking video surveillance in public places as an example, the application of machine vision breaks the limitations of traditional video surveillance systems, enabling intelligent video analysis to be gradually realized. Through the use of machine vision, the video surveillance system can automatically detect and track suspicious people in real time. If necessary, it can also realize multiple cameras to track and simultaneously send alarms, so that intelligent video analysis can be realized step by step.


As part of the “smart city” concept, machine vision is also widely used in the transportation sector, for example, on highways and bayonet, to identify vehicles, licenses and irregularities on and off the vehicle, and even to the driver’s face. Analyze to determine if you are in a state of fatigue driving. In addition, driverless cars also use machine vision technology to sense road environment information, enabling automatic planning and control of vehicle travel.


Enterprise force machine vision


At the same time, security companies represented by Hikvision and Dahua shares have also made machine visions:


With years of technology and innovation in imaging acquisition, image processing and pattern recognition, Hikvision has become the industry's leading provider of machine vision hardware products and algorithm software platforms. Its VisionMaster algorithm platform quickly builds machine vision applications without the need for programming through simple and flexible graphical configuration to meet the needs of visual positioning, measurement, detection and identification.


Dahua shares, which is also the security leader with Hikvision, also launched a machine vision-based product: the 43MP CCD large area array industrial camera. The camera maintains the sensor size of the 29MP large area array, and is equipped with a variety of new image processing algorithms to complete the camera replacement without changing the optical solution to ensure excellent image quality. Dahua said that in the future, the application of machine vision technology in all walks of life will be comprehensively promoted, and the intelligent development of Chinese manufacturing will be further promoted.


In addition to Haikang and Dahua, the performance of other security companies is also very eye-catching. For example, Yushi proposes a four-in-one "SMV Security Machine Vision" strategy, focusing on four dimensions of security machine vision, with architecture as the core and algorithm and chip as the basis for rapid application of products; Huarui in June 2017 On the 29th, 9MP/12MP high-performance small area array camera and 50MP CoaXPress large area array camera were released. AOPEN uses DE7200 to enable the robot to absorb the real-time camera according to its own camera without pre-implanting the motion track command. Environmental information, so as to make corresponding action instruction judgment.


Conclusion: Security has always been a global topic, and the introduction of machine vision technology helps to instantly detect and prevent accidents. There is no doubt that the unique advantages of security in machine vision technology will also play an important role in advancing the development of machine vision technology.


Machine vision technology extends to many areas of security and plays an important role, whether it is the discovery of problems or early warning of problems, artificial intelligence plus machine vision technology or a perfect pair.