Connect the smart world to the future factory

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Connect the smart world to the future factory

2018/09/22 10:00

Connect the smart world to the future factory


According to the official website of China Industry Fair, the Industrial Automation Exhibition Zone is one of the professional exhibitions of the industry's core technology and front-end products. It expanded for the first time this year to reach 70,000 square meters. Industry giants Siemens, Phoenix and Matsushita Electric have a lot. Exhibitors. The new technologies and new technologies of well-known enterprises such as Industrial Automation Instrument Research Institute, Festo and Rittal have been launched for the first time, with emphasis on the introduction of embedded technology exhibition areas and motion control system exhibition areas


(The picture shows the industrial automation pavilion after the upgrade and expansion, the audience continues to flow)


Leading companies at home and abroad work together to create industrial automation, helping China to manufacture 2025


The leading industrial automation company, Siemens, presented the theme of “Implementing a Digital Enterprise – It Is!” at this year's Industrial Fair. With interactive demonstration cases and a complete product portfolio, the company fully demonstrated digital enterprise solutions.


The highlights of the Siemens booth include the value of "Digital Twins" for discrete and process industry customers, cloud-based IoT operating system MindSphere, digital solutions for drive systems, digital solutions for automated terminals, and Siemens industrial companies The result of digitization.


(The picture shows the audience in front of the Siemens booth)


At the same time, as the core proponent and participant of Industry 4.0, Phoenix combined the Chinese government's action plan for the first decade of the manufacturing power strategy, "Made in China 2025", with the theme of "Connecting the Smart World and Helping China Make 2025" Debuted at the Industrial Automation Exhibition of the Industrial Fair. Showcase the future of new energy and smart grid, smart electric vehicles, smart manufacturing and smart factories, smart logistics and smart city solutions. Among them, this year's new automation control platform PLCnext Technology, Phoenix Contact and Haier's first joint display are very attractive.


(The picture shows the optimization structure of the Phoenix Pavilion upgrade and expansion)


In the face of the ever-changing Chinese manufacturing, Ms. Qian, the staff of the Phoenix booth, is most recognized by the platform effect of the Industry Fair: “The exhibition provided us with a good platform and truly realized the important role of display, communication and promotion of cooperation. The major theme exhibition is also following the development hotspot of the industry and leading the future development trend of the industry."



The most striking thing on the stand is its new automation control platform, PLCnext Technology. This revolutionary new technology enables the integration of programming languages, tools and open source functions while preserving the advantages of traditional PLC programming. Comprehensive freedom.


As the first in the country and the second largest comprehensive industrial fair in the world, this fair has covered most of the leading industrial brands at home and abroad. As an eye-catching product exhibition, this industrial automation exhibition can be described as exciting. The audience can not only enjoy the ultimate visual effect, but also experience the grand scene of future factory and intelligent production.