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The machine vision market is booming and needs to be explored in the future.
The application of vision and hearing on the machine brings together the whimsy of many great scientists and is slightly smaller. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the film evolved from...
Connect the smart world to the future factory
Release time:
2018-09-22 10:00
Connect the smart world to the future factory According to the official website of China Industry Fair, the Industrial Automation Exhibition Zone is one of the professional exhibitions of the indus...
Artificial intelligence is accelerating the "embrace" of the real economy
Artificial intelligence is accelerating deep integration with the real economy. Recently, the "2018 Artificial Intelligence and Real Economy Deep Integration Development Forum" has revealed many...
Continuous innovation in machine vision technology drives industrial automation
Nowadays, with the advent of Industry 4.0, machine vision technology has gradually played an important role in industrial automation. The continuous innovation of machine vision technology has...
Jiang Ligan, judge of China Software Cup Competition, talks about machine vision and training
On September 1, 2018, the 7th China Software Cup Student Software Design Competition came to an end. The contest team selected the "Hardware Extraction and Analysis Based on Artificial Intelligence...
ULSee teamed up with Baidu to develop deep cooperation in the field of machine vision
Recently, ULSee Technology signed a cooperation agreement with Baidu Zhitu, becoming an important partner of Baidu, and the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of computer visio
The combination of machine vision and video surveillance has opened up a new era of wisdom in the security industry!
Computer vision is an important branch of artificial intelligence. With the rapid iteration and evolution of deep learning and artificial intelligence, computer vision has created more application...
Sinopec's future development, creating a "different" smart factory
The level of industrialization of China's petrochemical industry has already ranked among the top in the world in terms of scale, but the status quo of China's petrochemical industry is big but not...
[Smart China Expo] China's machine vision industry promotes industrial intelligence, and the industrial field welcomes a new era
The China Machine Vision Industry Alliance participated in the 2018 China International Intelligent Industry Expo, and 36 machine vision-related companies came to showcase machine vision related...
This small robot can pick strawberries with machine vision and can still see that it is not cooked.
In a greenhouse in Belgium, there is a small robot that walks through rows of strawberries growing on a tray of trays, uses machine vision to find mature, ripe fruit, and then gently picks each...
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