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PIN detection

2018/08/23 10:44

Application type:PIN position detection



1、Check whether the PIN at each position is inserted correctly, whether there is missing insertion, wrong insertion, and inserted in place, etc;

2、The production enterprise adjusts the position of PIN in real time according to the measurement data of the vision system;

3、Detection accuracy: high accuracy;

4、Production statistics: Data results and pictures can be automatically saved according to date and OK / NG results;

5、Detection speed: high speed.


Vision inspection advantages:

1、Detect bright spots on the surface of the product by a detection tool can accurately judge whether the pin needle is inserted into the correct position, not only has high detection accuracy and precision, but also has high detection flexibility and can better improve the production efficiency;

2、For different types of PIN needles, there will be different lighting methods;

3、For multi-cavity products produced by different molds, compensation for cavity separation is carried out;

4、For multi-station detection, multi-camera simultaneous photographing is adopted to improve the detection speed and production efficiency;

5、It can meet the requirements of customer's detection accuracy and speed and time.


Product physical drawing:




Brightening effect diagram: