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DINNAR attaches great importance to brand and customer service management. With its own independent research and development technology capabilities, it continues to meet the latest needs of precision manufacturing customers through continuous high-intensity technological innovation, providing customers with a full range of products in the field of machine vision and intelligent manufacturing. With the solution. At present, the Directorate has more than 60 patents and software copyrights; it has won a series of awards such as “Jiangsu High-tech Enterprise”, “Jiangsu Province Innovative Enterprise” and “Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research Center”; it is a fast growing High-tech enterprise.


DINNAR attaches great importance to research and development, and spends more than 13% of its turnover on R&D every year. Among the many R&D personnel, more than 20% have master's degree or above. To ensure the stable expertise and experience accumulated in many technical fields, it also demonstrates Dinner's commitment to continuous investment in intelligent manufacturing and innovation.